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Handmade mattress in wool, made with 100% natural materials (Bio). PS, there are also photos taken directly within our factory, during the production process.

Mattress with springs wool wool
- Double are 9 kg wool per total side 18 kg
- Single 9 kg
- One and a half square 13,5 kg

Mattress with springs Air-conditioned Cotton wool
air-conditioned cotton wool mattress has the specificity of being warmer on one side (wool) and cooler on the other (cotton) is a mattress suitable for all 4 seasons for this feature, You turn in the summer on the cotton side so you sleep cooler and you turn in the winter on the wool side so you sleep warmer.
- 9 kg wool on the one hand 8 kg cotton on the other
- Single 4/5 kg wool on one side and on the other 4/5 kg cotton
- One and a half 6/7 kg wool on the one hand 6/7 kg cotton on the other

Spring mattress Cotton cotton
recommended for the summer season because very cool.
Double 8 kg cotton and 8 kg cotton per side
Single 4 kg cotton on one side and 4 kg cotton on the other
One square and a half 6 kg of cotton on one side 6 kg of cotton on the other

Customizable mattress in the following sizes (contact us for customization):

Double bed 160cm x 190cm x 23cm
a square and a half 120cm x 190cm x 23cm
single 80cm x 190cm x 23cm
from child 60cm x 190cm x 23cm

Customizable also for material :

- Cotton Cotton
- Lana Cotone
- Lana Lana

We also remember that it is of fundamental importance for stability (otherwise spoils with time and can sink the mattress) and greater durability of the mattress a good slatted base, In our category of nets we offer 6-foot craft nets with 3 sleepers.
We do not recommend nets with only 4 feet and only 1/2 sleepers.
Ps see our category slats networks selected by us

in the link in description you will find the video of the realization of the mattress

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