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The traditional wool mattress is 100% ecological made with natural products.

This type of mattress contains all natural products does not even contain that small percentage of rubber that is found in spring mattresses so also suitable for those who have various types of allergies.
It is covered with a pure cotton lining.
The mattress can be made either with Abruzzese sheep wool or with merino wool, that of Abruzzese sheep is more compact so a bit harder instead made with merino wool is softer.
After 4/5 years the mattress settles and hardens and then you have to redo it (restructure) this is a service that we do also at Pirelax on request (see the service item on the site).
The restructuring process involves washing the wool after which it is recharged to remove impurities and wash the linings or replace.
This type of mattress does not need springs because it is breathable since it is made with wool which is a 100% natural product.
It is an anti-inflammatory mattress (it does not burn) because the fact of not burning is a characteristic of wool.
We also remember that it is of fundamental importance for stability (otherwise spoils with time and can sink the mattress) and greater durability of the mattress a good slatted base, In our category of nets we offer 6-foot craft nets with 3 sleepers.
We do not recommend nets with only 4 feet and only 1/2 sleepers.
Ps see our category slats networks selected by us

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